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North Routt Day Trips

Cultural Heritage in Hahns Peak

Community Legacy

A wilderness of rivers and forests lush with game attracted Ute Indians to summer in the region. Then, mountain men, explorers, and trappers arrived. Trappers called the local mountain “Old Baldy,” perhaps because of its distinctive low timberline. Later, it was named Hahns Peak, after the first gold prospector, Joseph Hahn.

Gold lured miners to pan creeks and start the first—permanent settlement, mining district, and post office in northwest Colorado. The town still boasts original homes and cabins established during its “boom” years, but by the late 1800s the mining boom was over. Stalwart miners and the homesteaders who followed, turned to ranching—which became the primary way of life.

Over time, outdoor recreation grew along with ranching. Today, residents enjoy the area’s landscape in all its seasons and embody the independent spirit of earlier adventurers.

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Take the Tour

Located at 8,126 feet, Hahns Peak has 15 historic structures including a museum, which provides a walking tour map.

Hahn Peak School

Routt County Road 129, winds by each numbered site on the map and provides access to trail heads and recreation areas.

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1. Hahns Peak School

Location: Main Street

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Hahns Peak Schoolhouse, is the oldest lumber sided school in North Routt County that remains on its original site.

2. Hahns Peak Area Historical Society Museum

Location: Main Street

The Museum contains a large collection of pictures, mining artifacts, clothing, and household items. A Pole Barn displays large equipment with colorful murals depicting the mining heritage of the area.  More Info

Hahns Peak Area Historical Society Museum

3. Wither Cabin

Location: Main Street

Across Main Street from the museum, the Wither Cabin is the oldest existing structure in town. Fully restored, the cabin represents daily life circa 1900-1920.

Wither Cabin

4. Steamboat Lake State Park Visitors Center

Location: Routt CR 129

Located west of the Village of Hahns Peak, this Center offers staffed exhibits on the region’s geography, wildlife, plant life, and interpretive information maps for recreation activities.

Camping, fishing and boating are popular sports at the 1,053 surface acres of Steamboat Lake. More Info

Steamboat Lake State Park

5. Columbine

Location: 64505 CR 129 – 7 miles north of Hahns Peak

The second inhabited mining camp, Columbine was also a stage stop for travelers between Hahns Peak and the closest railhead. The town had a post office, saloon, school, and general store built in the 1880s.

Today, commercial cabins and a modern general store still greet travelers.


6. Clark Store and Post Office

Location: CR 129 in Clark – 8 miles south of Hahns Peak

The Clark Post Office was named by the first postmistress Hannah E. Clark in 1889. It was established in her home, which was a stage stop.

In business continuously since then, it offers historical photos and still uses individual brass mailboxes. More Info

Clark Store

More Info on Hahns Peak

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