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Through collaboration, interpret the vast heritage of Northwest Colorado and impart the legacy and stories of the region and its communities in order to generate economic vitality.


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Core Values

Respect – Integrity – Inclusive


The charitable purposes of the Northwest Colorado Cultural Heritage Program (NWCCHP) are:
•    Research and interpret cultural and heritage assets in the region.
•    Maintain a comprehensive inventory of cultural and heritage assets including statements of priority for interpretation and visitor ready conditions.
•    Develop and facilitate updates of a comprehensive Master Plan that expressly outlines NWCCHP’s protocol for advocating and preserving regional cultural and heritage assets.
•    Utilize interpretation to educate local citizens, students and visitors of the legacy and stories of the region.
•    Develop cooperative marketing and promotion opportunities that benefit the region as a whole.


The Northwest Colorado Cultural Heritage Program advances its Mission and Charitable purpose by:

Convening: Regularly convene and facilitate regional partnership meetings for the exchange of data, information, consensus building and resource sharing to advance the mission of the NWCHP.
Assessing: Perform ongoing evaluation of attractions, visitor services, organizational capabilities, capacity for protecting resources and marketing/promotional opportunities exist in communities.
Planning:  Utilize human, financial and technological resources efficiently and prudently to prioritize and evaluate measurable goals in all program strategic areas.
Advocating: Support Best Practices in the management of cultural, historical and natural resources by qualified regional preservation organizations that assure authenticity and quality.
Sharing: Implement a multi-year regional/state/national marketing and promotional plan that is equitable to all communities within the region.


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Download the Northwest Colorado Cultural Heritage Plan:




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Background Information
From the National Trust for Historic Preservation:

“What is cultural heritage tourism?

What benefits does cultural heritage tourism offer?
Cultural heritage tourism means traveling to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes irreplaceable historic, cultural and natural resources. To learn more about cultural heritage programs, go to

Tourism is big business. In 2006, travel and tourism directly contributed $740 billion to the U.S. economy. Travel and tourism is one of America’s largest employers, directly employing more than 8 million people and creating a payroll income of $178 billion. (Source: U. S. Travel Association, December 2006)

In addition to creating new jobs, new business and higher property values, well-managed tourism improves the quality of life and builds community pride. According to a 2003 national research study (The Historic/Cultural Traveler by the Travel Industry Association and Smithsonian Magazine) 81% (118 million) U.S. adults who traveled in 2002 were considered cultural heritage travelers. These travelers included historical or cultural activities on almost 217 million person-trips last year, up 13 percent from 192 million in 1996. Visitors to historic sites and cultural attractions stay longer and spend more money than other kinds of tourists. Cultural and heritage visitors spend, on average, $623 per trip compared to $457 for all U.S. travelers excluding the cost of transportation. (Source: 2003 The Historic/Cultural Traveler, TIA). Perhaps the biggest benefits of cultural heritage tourism, though, are diversification of local economies and preservation of a community’s unique character.”

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