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New Ways to Explore Northwest Colorado’s Boundless Landscapes, and Discover Ways of Life – Past and Present

CTO Summer Social Co-op Signup

Volunteer: Ladies the Silt Historical Society needs YOU.  We need up to 12 lovely ladies to help us put on a vintage fashion show.  Qualifications are simple: Lovely (you are pre-qualified), size small to 12 (to fit the vintage dresses),  and available for fitting and walk through 5 to 7 pm Friday April 10th, and for the show Saturday, April 11th from approximately 12:30 to 3:00 pm to strut your stuff.  We think you will find this to be a very fun experience and we know you will leave with a great feeling for having helped the Silt Historical Society out. VOLUNTEER NOW CALL BILL SMITH AT 618-4182

Day Trips: Visiting Northwest Colorado? Find out where a single day can take you. View Day Trips.

Interpretive Signs: Our interpretive signs can now be found throughout Northwest Colorado. New signs will be added in 2015 and we will keep you posted. View map.

Video Library: We are excited to announce our new video library. To begin our journey of Northwest Colorado through film, Transcontinental will introduce you to how the railroad came west and brought significant settlers, such as Farrington “Ferry” Carpenter to Northwest Colorado! View video.

Support: Find out how you can become a Pioneer, Interpreter, Explorer, Conservationist or Preservationist for Northwest Colorado Cultural Heritage Programs.

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